Wednesday, 20 January 2010

our time will come

Al on Spiritual Sun said:
The time of not saying something because others get uncomfortable with alternative concepts must be replaced with the ability to face that which may simply be.
I am generalising, and tired of closed fearful minds who bully others into silence, and those at the top who shadow over all with their violent ways and sly attempts to steal the world, which can only fail.
There will come a time, and the closed minds will no longer control the communication and networking.

That time is already here - its called the internet, and we are communicating on it. So far all attempts by the 'establishment' to control and censor the internet have failed or been easy to circumvent. The people now have a voice, and a source of information which frees us from the shackles of traditional press and TV. There was always some opportunity for alternative views to be expressed in books, films, and music, but now these mediums too have become much more free, as they have been removed from the control of the big corporations.

As well as communication, the internet fosters collaboration, as can be seen in the open source and creative commons movements, which are growing in strength all of the time.

The old paradigm "world leaders" and their hidden puppet masters, no longer control things as they would wish, and I suspect that things are already way more beyond their control than they even realize (because they are so stuck in their old paradigm mindset that they cannot comprehend what is happenig, and because the changes are happening subtly, and these people are gross).

It is early days yet for the new ways, and I too have problems being patient in the face of mass violence and greed and dishonesty in our society - I want big changes and I want them now! But I guess we have to be patient and do our own bit to help push things along - we can focus on the elements of the times that are new paradigm - we can have our say here on the internet, and we can focus on ourselves, on keeping our heads above the muddy polluted waters of the dying old age.

Those of us who can see what is happening must look after ourselves and protect ourselves and build our inner strength. There will come a time soon when others will be looking desperately to us for guidance. That time will come. Until then we must be satisfied with being incognito, and feeling like fish out of water... for now, we can already communicate and share our vision, and we should be grateful for that facility, and make good use of it.