Friday, 16 September 2011


The world is governed by a secret power that holds us in bondage to no good end. But the conspirators are not others, they are we, you and I and everyone. A secret agenda of domination and control has existed in nearly everyone, and a world embodying that agenda has congealed around us, attracted to the dark, reptilian energies we have harbored. The good news is that these energies have nearly run their course, as the world of control breaks down and the campaign to conquer and dominate all other being founders on its own consequences. Just as Voldemort was unable to possess Harry Potter because he couldn't abide the love within him, so also is the ruling power of the world unable to abide our growing realization of our connectedness. Love, the felt experience of oneness, is spreading as the walls of separation come down. They never were sustainable. Today, even the most deluded - the power elite - are beginning to recognize that. The reign of the Illuminati is nearly over. That it seems to be reaching unprecedented heights only bespeaks the imminence of its demise, the extreme of yang giving birth to yin.

... The Illuminati, the Reptilians, are you and I... Can you not feel the obsolescence of that part of you, the part that endlessly seeks to control the world, to dominate others, to maximize egoic self-interest? Is it not increasingly evident that its efforts have created only misery? Is it not apparent that, no matter how hard you try to remedy its failure by intensifying its efforts, its ultimate failure is assured? For all of us, the time is coming for that part of ourselves to bow out, so that we can step into service, into trust, and, collectively, into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.

Charles Eisenstein

Sunday, 4 September 2011

a new mind for a new world

The instability of our current time is part of a larger cycle of human evolution that will soon turn toward renewal and regeneration. For centuries, indigenous wisdom traditions have talked of an epochal shift on the horizon, of a spiritual renaissance for the earth and her living family. Now the timelines are converging and the potential for an energetic “upgrade” for humanity is here, but first we must survive and evolve through the current period of transition.

Evolution is not a gradual process but more like a “shock to the system”: radical waves of transformation after a period of dormancy. We are currently undergoing an evolutionary leap.... the instability we are now experiencing - climate change, economic meltdowns, and increasing political polarisation - is the convergence of complex systems that have reached a critical state.

What we need in order to push through to the coming spiritual renaissance is a paradigm shift in human thinking and perception, a conscious evolution in recognition of the interconnectedness of all things: a new mind for a new world.

Kingsley Dennis

Friday, 2 September 2011

open your heart

If you were asked to weigh your heart today, would it be filled with love, light, peace and unity, creating an upliftment and weighing less then a feather? Or would your heart hold chains, bondage, or be hidden behind walls, weighing it down?

When we allow our experiences to taint or harden our hearts - we weigh our hearts down.

It is only through opening our hearts, releasing our burdens, forgiving ourselves and others do we return to the innocence and joys of the inner child.

It is the lightness of a child, the awe and amazement of life and all its' beauty that shall carry the heart forward, lightening it, and carrying it higher into limitless potential.

Through an open heart, magic and miracles can be found carried on the waves of love, truth and beauty.

Many prophecies state it shall be the child that shall teach and guide us into the golden age. We have forgotten that each of us house a child within our heart … a child wishing to show you the way

Open your heart, embrace your inner child and allow your heart to weigh less then that of a feather.