Sunday, 12 December 2010

love or fear?

Do you want to live in a world ruled by fear or a world ruled by love?

Christopher Dos Santos writes:"You will in fact always be building two homes: one of fear and one of love. You are informed that the home you live in, is the one most complete."

This sums up, very simply, what I mean by "old paradigm" and "new paradigm". The universe is asking each one of us to move our focus of attention from the old house of fear to the new house of love.

The basis of our existing "civilisation" is fear: fear of poverty, fear of scarcity, fear of losing employment, fear of illness, fear of death, and so on. The system is based on authoritarian control and exploitation of the masses by a greedy and elite few. The slavery of the masses is mainly voluntary, though there is very strong pressure to "conform" through media and societal brainwashing. Individuality is discouraged - the masses are expected to be "conventional" which means to copy everyone else, and not think for oneself. The chains that most of us wear could easily be slipped off, but the wearers do not notice this, or are afraid to try to escape.

This old paradigm has had its day, and is now following the law of entropy - the second law of thermodynamics that governs our physical universe - into chaotic oblivion.

A friend of mine recently observed that "you cannot buck entropy" and I disagreed with him. He is correct from the viewpoint of the old paradigm, the house of fear, where love does not exist, because it cannot be measured by scientific instruments... ok, most people do accept that love exists, but they associate it with romance, desire, need, taking.... that is not true love.

The new paradigm, which is rising subtly, and unstoppably, in the background, is the house of love, true love. True love gives. True love cares. True love shares. This new paradigm comes from the heart and is inherently spiritual, while the old paradigm is unashamedly materialistic.

The law of entropy does not apply to spirituality. Spirituality tends towards unity, towards perfection, simplicity, merging. Spirituality is holistic.

So we can stay in the old house of fear, shaking in our boots, as the walls of our existence come crashing down. We can react to this by lashing out in anger, or by losing our minds to terror.

Or we can embrace the house of love. The house of love offers inner comfort, joy, peace, and strength. The house of love brings us together with all of nature and all of creation.

It is our choice, each of us, individually. It is simply a question of where we focus our energies and attention: to the house of fear, or the house of love?

Which house would you prefer to live in?

Sunday, 5 December 2010

bring it on

Dan Hamburg writes, at Culture Change:
"the grave challenge of our time is not to reform the current system but to replace it"
and goes on to justify this statement in an interesting article. He ends with sentiments I heartily endorse:
Assuming we don’t succumb to nuclear Armageddon or a climate meltdown, a new and different world must arise. In fact, it is already arising in communities small and large both here and around the world. A new narrative -- one that redefines what it means to be “a good man or woman of our kind” -- is emerging, a narrative that celebrates community over competitiveness, stewardship over exploitation. It will advance a holistic approach to living in harmony with the physical world so that we may have an opportunity to experience an intellectual and spiritual world. It offers the possibility of a better existence for all living things, and even non-living things, on our planet.

Bring it on!
Yes, indeed!

Wednesday, 1 December 2010


I have just merged two other blogs I was keeping into this one, as part of a simplifying of my creative life. I am railing against the forces of entropy, by removing unnecessary complexity...

Accordingly there are many new posts now in the archive. Apologies for any upheaval or confusion. Normal service will now be resumed...