Monday, 21 December 2015

Brahma and Maya

Don Migeul Ruiz wrote:
There is an old story from India about the God, Brahma, who was alone. Nothing existed but Brahma, and he was completely bored. Brahma decided to play a game, but there was no one to play the game with. So he created a beautiful goddess, Maya, just for the purpose of having fun. Once Maya existed and Brahma told her the purpose of her existence, she said, “Okay, let’s play the most wonderful game, but you do what I tell you to do.” Brahma agreed and following Maya’s instructions, he created the whole universe, the sun and the stars, the moon and the planets. He created life on earth: the animals, the oceans, the atmosphere, everything.

Maya said, “How beautiful is this world of illusion you created. Now I want you to create an animal that is so intelligent and aware that it can appreciate your own creation.” Finally Brahma created humans, and after he finished the creation, he asked Maya when the game was going to start.

“We will start right now,” she said. She took Brahma and cut him into thousands of teeny, tiny pieces. She put a piece inside every human and said, “Now the game begins! I am going to make you forget what you are, and you are going to try and find yourself!” Maya created the Dream and still, even today, Brahma is trying to remember who he is. When you awake from the Dream, you become Brahma again and reclaim your divinity. You now know the trick of Maya and can share the truth with others who are going to wake up too.

We can find ourselves, and find God, in every person we encounter. We don’t do this by purchasing items at a store, or showing our goodwill for a few designated days of the year, but by helping those in need and showing unconditional love to each soul we encounter, every day of the year.

Love and light to all for the festive season.

Thursday, 18 June 2015

the shadow within

I have been quiet on the blogging front recently - I was writing on my own website for years, and let this blog go idle, but a few months ago my webserver started acting up, and I decided to give it up - as part of the ongoing simplification of my life, I no longer wish to involve myself in the complexities of administering a web server! Although I am now more concerned with becoming the living embodiment of my understanding - rather than analysing or trying to communicate that understanding - I nevertheless will return to posting occasional thoughts and inspirations on this blog, starting with this quote from a recent Charles Eisenstein article which touched a chord in me:
The world is governed by a secret power that holds us in bondage to no good end. But the conspirators are not others, they are we - you and I and everyone. A secret agenda of domination and control has existed in nearly everyone, and a world embodying that agenda has congealed around us, attracted to the dark, reptilian energies we have harboured. The good news is that these energies have nearly run their course, as the world of control breaks down, and the campaign to conquer and dominate all other being founders on its own consequences. Just as Voldemort was unable to possess Harry Potter because he couldn’t abide the love within him, so also is the ruling power of the world unable to abide our growing realization of our connectedness. Love, the felt experience of oneness, is spreading as the walls of separation come down. They never were sustainable. Today, even the most deluded – the power elite – are beginning to recognize that. The reign of the Illuminati is nearly over. That it seems to be reaching unprecedented heights only bespeaks the imminence of its demise - the extreme of yang giving birth to yin.

Evil and its expression as the New World Order - or as I would call it, the process of Separation - has, like all other things, its purpose in this universe. We embark on a journey of separation in all its forms - we reach its extreme, and we come back to Union at a higher level of complexity, enriched by our journey. To adopt the vocabulary of the New World Order myth, we might say that the reptilian overlords or the Illuminati have fulfilled their purpose. Though some might try to hold onto it a little longer, sooner or later they will accept that their time is over, and they will bow out of service.

The Illuminati - the Reptilians - are you and I... Can you not feel the obsolescence of that part of you - the part that endlessly seeks to control the world, to dominate others, to maximize egoic self-interest? Is it not increasingly evident that its efforts have created only misery? Is it not apparent that, no matter how hard you try to remedy its failure by intensifying its efforts, its ultimate failure is assured? For all of us, the time is coming for that part of ourselves to bow out, so that we can step into service, into trust, and, collectively, into the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible.