Thursday, 24 November 2011

a better world

We already have, and always have had, potential abundance at our fingertips. The scarcity that so many experience today is not the result of any fundamental lack, but rather of the maldistribution of political power and resources. What kind of abundance would we have if we didn't spend trillions of dollars on wars, guns, non-recyclable packaging, sprawling suburbs, automobile culture, consumer junk, transcontinental food, unnecessary pharmaceuticals, and every other form of waste that contributes nothing to human happiness? In one way or another, all of these things are the end products of a civilization built on separation.

The ground has already begun to shift, and that shift will accelerate as the "old normal" falls apart. It has fallen apart in many ways already, yet its afterimage lingers. The supermarkets are still full of food, the malls full of shoppers, the highways full of cars, and the ATM's full of cash. The last-ditch strategy of the financial elite, "extend and pretend", applies to our entire society. It is still possible to pretend that the world of our parents will be the world of our children, and to extend its lifestyle a few more years. But that pretense is wearing thin.

A world of justice and abundance depends on a different kind of consciousness. The shift of consciousness is from separation to oneness; from being to "interbeing"; from a discrete and separate self in an external objective universe, to an integral part that contains the whole. The new self seeks less to dominate than to co-create, less to control than to share. It knows that the whole universe is as alive and as conscious as oneself... The universe wants to freely provide what we need, rather than requiring us to wrest it from an indifferent or hostile environment.

The world isn't supposed to be this way... A more beautiful world is possible, right in front of our faces, waiting only for us to accept it.

Charles Eisenstein (adapted)

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

coping with transition

If you are awake to the rising energy of the new paradigm, then you are now undergoing many transformations, as you transition from the old paradigm to the new.

Your body is changing: you may experience aches and pains, especially in the neck, shoulder and back, as your divinity awakens within. You may experience deep inner sadness for no apparent reason - these feelings come from releasing your memories, energy and experiences of the past. You are leaving the old behind. You may burst into tears for no apparent reason - let the tears flow, as this helps to release the old energy from within.

At times you will feel very ungrounded, and physically disoriented, as your body lags behind your consciousness in moving into the new energy. You may feel as if you cannot put your two feet on the ground, or as if you are walking between two worlds.

Your left and right brain are coming into balance. Your tastes - your likes and dislikes - are changing. Earthly desires pull you in one direction, while your mind pulls you in another direction, and now your soul is pulling you in a third direction! So you feel torn apart, directionless, and confused. Instead of wanting more, or feeling that you lack something, you are learning to find abundance from within.

You may remember intense dreams, perhaps of conflict or of being chased or persecuted: these are a release, within our unconscious mind, of the old energy. There is a lot of unconscious work going on, and this may cause you to waken up for a break in the middle of the night. If you can't go back to sleep, get up and do something, rather than lay in bed and worry about earthly things.

You will talk to yourself more often. You will realise suddenly that you have been chattering away with yourself, as a new level of communication takes place within your being. The conversations will increase, becoming more fluid, more coherent, and more insightful. You are not going crazy - we are just moving into the new energy.

As you change, things around you will change as well. You may experience sudden changes in job or career - you should not worry about finding the "perfect" work right now, as you are in transition, and you may make several changes before you settle into work that fits your passion. Do not worry about a loss of passion - you may experience little or no desire to do anything, and that is fine: take this time to do nothing, and do not feel any guilt about doing so.

You may drift away from your family and friends. You were deeply connected to them via old karmic bonds, but now you are clearing your karmic debts, and stepping free from the karmic wheel, and so the bonds of the old relationships are severed. In time, you will re-develop these relationships where appropriate, but the new relationships will be based in the new paradigm energy, without the old karmic attachments.

You are now walking a sacred and lonely path. You may feel alone and detached from others, even when you are in their company. It is difficult to relate to others at this time: you may wish to flee from groups and crowds.

You may feel this is too much for you, and that you are not ready to take on the challenges of moving into the new energy, but these feelings will pass. Your journey may seem dark and lonely at times, but as you re-tune to your inner self, you will find overwhelming love and light within. In reality we are never truly alone.

Let go of the dying old fear-based paradigm, and turn your face towards the love-light of the new paradigm. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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