Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the new paradigm

We are now in a world of globalisation, with levelling forces such as the internet putting power back in the hands of the individual.

The old materialistic paradigm was based on power and control, on hierarchical structures, on suppression and manipulation.

The new paradigm is based on cooperation and collaboration, on sharing and community.

Spirituality is developing in the same way, away from the institutional and organisational setups, and towards individual spirituality.

We have to leave the organisations behind and do it for ourselves.

We can each get in touch with our own inner spirituality, and from this position of individual strength we can join together with our fellow beings (using the new global censorship-free communication tools), and build the new age world - a world of collaboration and cooperation, built from our core inner natures of selfless love, compassion, spiritual might, and peace.

The future is bright for those who seek the light.


Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the time of tents is over

Occupy, in its mindset, is replaying the last breath of a revolutionary alternative to Capitalism from forty years ago... It is as if the children of the hippies and Maoists had taken to the streets to re-enact the dreams of their parents...

Power has now moved way from a centre, a head, a building, a location... People that are tied to a place are powerless...

All too easily Occupy has become two things: a thing that you LIKE on Facebook, and a personal self-improvement/endurance test in a tent. Neither of which have any effect on the flow of capital.

Capital does not occupy, it abandons, that is its threat and its power. To overthrow it we too must abandon, not occupy. We must abandon the non-places that Capital has colonised our countries with and invest in rebuilding real places once again. We must move our money to local credit unions, to local commodities and jobs; to circulation with local people. We must take what little we have and invest it in the places we inhabit and we must abandon their places, their malls and streets, their stores and banks. This is how we occupy. Not by pitching a tent on a piece of land and saying Here I am, count my number. But by silence, secrecy and abandonment.

The time of tents is over.

Ewan Morrison

Thursday, 15 March 2012

awakening from the darkness

For too long we, the human race, have been asleep spiritually.

We have forgotten our divinity and worthiness, and we have given away our power and uniqueness. We have allowed a few to control and mould us en-masse into something we are not by nature. We have let others impose limitations on us, thinking mistakenly that this will make us feel accepted, loved, valued or safe. This is why there is so much pain and suffering within the world.

Do not blame others, or God, for this, for we are all responsible, individually and collectively, for accepting this situation.

Now it is time to waken up and reconnect with our essential divinity and worthiness. Then we will see beyond the illusions of hierarchies and separation: our apparent limitations will fade away.

Your are not your social status, race, or religion. You are not the reflection or projection of another. You are a caretaker of Mother Earth, and all life upon her - we all are. We are all responsible for ourselves and for looking after each other.

We have been in darkness for a long time, but a new dawn is rising. Now we are awakening to the light that was always hidden within each and every one of us. Now we are tuning in to the waves of love and potential that are pulling our vibrational frequencies upwards.

Now we are remembering once again our divinity, our value, and our inner power. Now we are connecting to our hearts and souls, and our inner love light is starting to radiate out to others.

Now we are joining together, not for selfish ends, but for the highest good of all.


Tuesday, 31 January 2012

an enlightened society

The notion of an enlightened society is not some magical community wherein everyone has attained nirvana, or even has the perfect job or relationship. An enlightened society is actually very practical: it is a society based on having an open heart...

Worrying solely about "me" gets tiresome after a while. In other words, in order to really create positive change in the world, we need to shift our focus away from only thinking about ourselves...

Imagine what it would be like if one day everyone woke up and decided to shift the focus of their day away from always holding themselves at the center of the universe? What if each of us made our day about benefiting others?..

True joy does not come from acquiring new gadgets or starting another steamy romance, but from being present with your life. It comes from turning your attention away from always thinking about yourself, and opening to the world around you...

Through slowing down and being present with your world, you are more open to the suffering around you. Your heartstrings can be pulled by the simplest things: a puppy waiting to be adopted or a beautiful flower just beginning to blossom. While you may previously have walked right by these things, now you are open and available to your world. You feel an inherent richness and tenderness...

The simplest and most direct way to create positive change in the world is through connecting with our own awakened heart... Simple acts of being present and compassionate bring us happiness. We find joy in being openhearted...

You don't have to wait until you're enlightened. You don't have to ask anyone's permission. You just have to offer yourself, as you are, and allow your vulnerable heart to transform the world.

Lodro Rinzler

Friday, 27 January 2012

last gasp

The job of national and international politicians in contractionary times is typically to make a bad situation worse as expensively as possible, as they attempt to rescue the dying paradigm that has conveyed so much personal advantage in their direction. That paradigm is one of centralization - the accumulation of surpluses from a broad periphery at the centre of power.

However, the wealth conveyors of the past are breaking down, meaning that the periphery that can be drawn upon is shrinking. As the periphery shrinks, the remaining region within the grip of power can expect to be squeezed harder and harder. 'Twas ever thus. Rome did the same thing, squeezing the peasants for tithes until they abandoned their land and threw in their lot with the surrounding barbarians.

Nicole Foss