Monday, 28 March 2011

the only way out is in

Some Americans believe we can collectively triumph over the monolith we presently fear and worship. Others believe the best we can do is to find the personal strength to endure and go forward on lonely inner plains of the self.

Doing either will take inner moral, spiritual and intellectual liberation. It all depends on where you choose to fight your battle. Or if you even choose to fight it. But one thing is certain. The only way out is in.

from AMERICA: Y UR PEEPS B SO DUM? by Joe Bageant

R.I.P. Joe.

Saturday, 19 March 2011


For a great many people in Japan and elsewhere right now, the collapse of the old paradigm is a day to day living horror. Astounding new twists unfold at every turn, at an ever-accelerating pace... watch it closely if you must... this is the future of the old paradigm, and it's coming soon to a town near you....

And the prevailing reaction to world events is to worry about the cost of of it all, and the effect on the stock markets - to reduce everything to sums of money: the sickness now goes right to the core. Money is portrayed as pre-eminent, more important than survival of the species, more important than the ecosystem, more important than the life and suffering of billions of beings, more important indeed, than anything else. This elevation of money continues desperately in the face of clear and incontrovertible exposure of the global financial system as sheer fantasy, the biggest confidence trick in history. This is denial on a grand scale by the very desperate. The whole scenario would be richly comic if it were not so achingly tragic. With old paradigm spectacles on, the death march of the human race has become a grotesque and bungling burlesque, now verging on slapstick... and the blinkers are still on - the audience are still hoodwinked and sleepwalking en masse - there is an absolute promise of a cascading array of darker and deeper horrors to come. This madness has to stop, and it will... the whole machine is grinding inexorably to an eerie halt. Those parts that don't blow up will simply seize up.

Economically we are now on a cliff edge, with a train running towards us which will unavoidably run off the cliff taking us with us. This will be the train wreck to end all train wrecks. The vast majority of the population, including politicians and business leaders and many economists did not see this one coming, and most of them still do not see it. Nevertheless we are awaiting total economic collapse, and it cannot be long now in coming. This is not a doomster "the end is nigh" forecast based on wishful thinking. It is the only rational conclusion based on the data available.

The house price collapses around the world are still only beginning: houses are still unaffordable to most people, and becoming more so as unemployment becomes rampant, and wages stagnate, and the price of food and energy soars, and as the banksters ratchet up interest rates while ratcheting down the availability of credit. House prices will fall much further, everywhere. Commercial property prices are collapsing as business failures and consumer poverty remove much of the activity from commerce.

The big banks are already spectacularly bankrupt - so much so that our governments are insanely bankrupting our countries, just to prevent banks and house prices from collapsing.

The corrupt and usurious reserve banking system we favour globally involves bankers sucking a percentage out of all economic activity - in return for doing nothing! This system requires periodic clear-outs - this is mathematically unavoidable - if there is not a periodic destruction of debts, then the bankers end up with all of the money, and there is no productive economy left. Well, guess what - for 2 decades now, our governments have interfered with the "market" to such an extent that there has been no clear-out of debts. The bankers have indeed ended up with most of the loot, and it seems clear they will not give up until the have it all... Their greed is so monstrous that they have also foolishly gambled away all of our savings and pensions in search of ever-fatter fees and bonuses. The financial clear-out will be so massive when it finally comes, that it will bring about total collapse of the world economies.

Economic collapse brings, inevitably, political collapse. Collapse of our societies and culture will follow. We are already seeing a staggering level of corruption and incompetence in our political leaders - it seems increasingly as if they are on a mission to take us all to hell.

Add into this mix all the other doomy prospects we have - climate change, over-population, impending world shortages of energy, food, and other commodities, collapse of our eco systems, and collapse of our morals, health and the will to live, and it is not difficult to see that we are now entering the end of the end days of this "civilisation". We are way past the point of no return.

However, rather than panicking, and giving in to fear, we should embrace this spectacle with open arms, and hurry it on. Nature works in repeating cycles of birth, growth, decay, and death, and new forms always grow out of the ashes of the old. So we should see the collapse of the old paradigm as a positive clear-out of old diseased ways. It is a natural and unstoppable process. The old rubbish has to be cleared to make way for the new. This is no consolation at all for those already caught up in the twisted wreckage. But the longer the old paradigm is kept on life support, the more extensive and the more terrible the damage will be.

If you have not already done so it is imperative to shift focus. Don't be a spectator gawping at the wreckage, wallowing in the horror of it all. Don't focus helplessly on what you cannot change. Abandon the old ways of thinking. Abandon selfishness and possessiveness. Abandon worry and fear. Turn your back on the old systems that are now defunct. Abandon the politicians - let them talk to themselves. Abandon the banksters - let them rob each other. Abandon the capitalists - let them enslave themselves. If they stubbornly persist in their savagery, then let them all wallow in their own excrement. Do not let them suck any more of your energy.

You need that energy for working on yourself, for freeing yourself from your destructive old thought patterns, for escaping from entanglement in this doomed system, for rediscovering the love inherent in you. Reconnect to your own nature, and to that of the planet. Reconnect to each other. From inner wholeness comes limitless energy for compassion and to send loving good wishes to all of those who are suffering.

You cannot fix the broken old system. Focus on what you can do. We can each do something to rebuild our communities, in whatever basic ways we can, to help each other survive the coming storms. Reconnect with family , friends, and neighbours, reaching out helping hands to each other. This is the new way, this is the way to have an effect, and to face the future with a confident smile. Foster the growth of the new green shoots, the new paradigm of love and unity.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

no satisfaction

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Few people are unfamiliar with the aforementioned sales slogan. As well, most of us are very familiar with the Rolling Stones lyrics... Have you ever asked yourself why we seem so transfixed with satisfaction? Eavesdrop into the average conversation, more than likely you are hearing comments of dissatisfaction. The weather is too hot or too cold, too dry or too rainy. The local hockey team is playing poorly, I hate working here, this chair is uncomfortable, so and so has been a real idiot. The litany of dissatisfaction is played endlessly as an eternal backdrop to the expression of reality. If you have a TV, turn it on; the same meme of expression will confirm the bizarre fixation with a lack of satisfaction. Why does humanity choose to function in such disharmony with its environment?

The answer, I believe, is primarily due to the construct of the ego mind as it relates to the programmed perception of reality we have been fed since birth. The ego mind takes us out of the NOW, thereby depositing us in the past or future. We fail to understand how leaving the NOW, in most cases, represents a departure from sanity. If we think of this transition as a calm sea suddenly becoming wild, we will have earned a much improved perspective. From the gnosis that each individual creates their own reality, we must find ourselves culpably adding to this insanity.
It is not happenstance that humanity reflects disharmony with self and environment. With dark intent, great efforts have been undertaken to carefully craft this matrix of reality. For thousands of years, humanity has suffered under the dedicated construction of a dark pseudo reality. Disharmony, fear and spiritual brevity is the call of the day. The real insult to our intelligence, or lack thereof, is found in their ability to completely convinced us, personal disharmony is our own fault. When looking to understand this enigma of darkness, we are placated by their lies suggesting this is human nature. This is not human nature my friends, this is humans fabricating darkness for personal gain. This is darkness sucking the energy from light. Human nature is light, love, acceptance and the many other GodSelf qualities we are taught to ignore. Ignorant of their true nature, our parents raised us as best they could. Unable to see truth behind the matrix of lies, our parents proliferated the darkness by teaching us to believe. Teachers educate us with knowledge they believe to be true, all the while darkness is peddled by people we trust. Our friends and lovers are drinking of the same fountain so their perception of reality assuages and confirms our belief structure. Overloading with insanity we may turn to religion for balm, instead of relief we find more lies, discontent and illusion.
what if...
we discover what human nature really is...?
The horizon offers humanity a rising sun... Now... we see the control structure collapse under the weight of it's own obsolescence. I believe light will prevail throughout the planet within five years. We will come to understand the true nature of what it means to be human. We will not dwell in the turbulent waters of past and future. We will choose the NOW moment in complete acceptance. We will no longer demand our world " be " a certain way. We will reflect unconditional love and unity consciousness as the underpinning of a new civilised representation of true human nature. We do not have to wait until this transition completes full initiation of a new reality, We may choose to align with this new energy now. We can search within to determine our true nature beyond the veils of ego. We can transcend the illusions fed to us by ego and society...

If you find yourself demanding your reality be better, more than likely you are allowing ego to take you into the future. Tomorrow will never be a better day until we lovingly accept what today offers us in every NOW moment. I guess we can make some sense of the statement " I can't get no satisfaction " if we look at it from the perspective of the grammatical double negative, cleverly disguising the illusion most people now accept as truth. Living peacefully in the NOW moment is a choice, why not make it yours!
by Christopher Dos Santos, extracted from his blog post "I can't get no satisfaction"

Sunday, 13 March 2011


like a wave rolling toward shore, the Age of Separation rears up to its maximum height even as it hollows out in the moment before it crashes. This crash, inevitable eons ago, is upon us today.
Thus writes Charles Eisenstein in The Ascent of Humanity. He calls the old paradigm "the age of separation", and he calls the new paradigm which is replacing it "the age of reunion". This is reunion with our souls or inner selves, reunion with each other, and reunion with nature. Linear thinking and technologies are replaced by circular and regenerative approaches. Work and art merge into artistry: the creation of beauty, for the joy of doing so... and so work becomes play! Education becomes creative self discovery. Money becomes abundant and perishable. Nature becomes our teacher, rather than the object of our dominion. Science and religion fuse into holistic spiritual and ecological awareness. Eisenstein says:
The engineers of the future will design for sustainability, for dignity, and for beauty. They will, in other words, be artists, creating technologies for a world of artists on a garden earth. The conflict that all artists encounter between creating for the market and creating for the spirit will cease, when work and art, money and sustainability, come into alignment.
The gathering convergence of crises is bringing the Age of Separation to an end, and with it everything that we know as "civilization". Yet the end of civilization-as-we-know-it need not be a return to the past. We equate the ascent of humanity with an escalating domination of nature only because we deny the universe's inherent creative energy, sacredness, and purpose. When we recognize that nature is itself dynamic, creative, and growing, then we need no longer transcend it, but simply participate in it more fully.