Saturday, 25 August 2007

the new paradigm

We are now in a world of globalization, with leveling forces such as the internet putting power back in the hands of the individual. The old materialistic paradigm was based on power and control, on hierarchical structures, on suppression and manipulation. The new paradigm is based on cooperation and collaboration, on sharing and community.

Spirituality is developing in the same way, away from the institutional and organizational setups, and towards individual spirituality. We have to leave the organizations behind and do it for ourselves - we can each get in touch with our own inner spirituality, and from this position of individual strength we can join together with our fellow beings (using the new global censorship-free communication tools), and build the new age world. A world of collaboration and cooperation, built from our core inner natures of selfless love, compassion, spiritual might, and peace.

The future is bright for those who seek the light.

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