Thursday, 15 March 2012

awakening from the darkness

For too long we, the human race, have been asleep spiritually.

We have forgotten our divinity and worthiness, and we have given away our power and uniqueness. We have allowed a few to control and mould us en-masse into something we are not by nature. We have let others impose limitations on us, thinking mistakenly that this will make us feel accepted, loved, valued or safe. This is why there is so much pain and suffering within the world.

Do not blame others, or God, for this, for we are all responsible, individually and collectively, for accepting this situation.

Now it is time to waken up and reconnect with our essential divinity and worthiness. Then we will see beyond the illusions of hierarchies and separation: our apparent limitations will fade away.

Your are not your social status, race, or religion. You are not the reflection or projection of another. You are a caretaker of Mother Earth, and all life upon her - we all are. We are all responsible for ourselves and for looking after each other.

We have been in darkness for a long time, but a new dawn is rising. Now we are awakening to the light that was always hidden within each and every one of us. Now we are tuning in to the waves of love and potential that are pulling our vibrational frequencies upwards.

Now we are remembering once again our divinity, our value, and our inner power. Now we are connecting to our hearts and souls, and our inner love light is starting to radiate out to others.

Now we are joining together, not for selfish ends, but for the highest good of all.


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, we choose love.

In Lak'ech, living the dream...

DarkStar888 said...

Hi Ian. Good blog. Keep up the work.

I posted the following comments on Christopher's blog. Hope you don't mind the visit and the comments.

"Most disturbing may be the realization that it is you, & I, all of us, who are unwitting tools used by the illuminati that cause the total control of humanity. This TOTAL CONTROL is used as a distraction to manipulate us into believing that this thing called HUMANITY, is WHO and WHAT WE ARE. In REALITY, we have no relationship to HUMANITY WHATSOEVER. This is the MATRIX WEB of DECEIT.

When you realize that it’s the choices we make that cause war and disease, that perpetuate hate, pride, pollution, greed & so on, this is troubling. When we believe these choices originated within us, & by us as a person & were not the work of luciferian/light bringing Thinking Entities implanting subliminal suggestions within our subconcious minds, then our awareness evaporates, & we are deftly manipulated to follow the lunacy of the world systems, and to emotionally associate our 3D lives with these systems.

Waking up, or becoming aware that we are not this 3D illusory being, & RECONNECTING, or REGAINING OUR FOCUS of Our Original Wisdom State through awareness, is the only task required to end the insanity. We simply have to become aware of what’s transpiring in this 3D realm. The human being CANNOT WAKE UP, because the human being is a Light Being, which is a Thought Form, which was conjured up by the luciferian light bringing egregore group of Thinking Entitites, which created this 3D ILLUSORY BODY OF HUMANITY. This illusion is unable to wake up to become one with Reality, or to be in touch with what Reality is. But we are not this illusory being. We are Wisdom, the Eternal Paradise State of Freedom & Liberty, & we are REALTY, for this is our original state. Just as it can be annoying & uncomfortable to wake up in the physical sense, so too, this waking up, or realization that humanity cannot wake up, is annoying, and quite frankly, forces us to question our sanity. However, Who and What we are is ALREADY AWAKE! Who and What we are NEVER FELL ASLEEP! It’s simply the 3D illusory life experience that was conjured up by the luciferian Thinking Entities that keeps listening to the thoughts implanted within our illusory minds that convinces us that we are this 3 dimensional illusory being, when we have nothing in Reality, and in common, with this illusion.

Now Who & What do you suppose wants us to believe that we are this mass of clay, this ball of shit, this hopeless and pathetic thing we call humanity? Of course it’s that Entity we call God, or Lucifer, the light bringer, which is not God, and is not our Creator, (for We Always Were), but is the egregore group of Thinking Entities that conjured up the illusion called the 3D universe, with the loftiest notion within this illusion, called Humanity. All we have to do is to regain our focus on our Original State of Being, which is Wisdom, & to be free of the Matrix web of deceit, is to forfeit any emotional connection to this illusory 3D life form experience."

… simply WATCH, WAIT, & Don't React!

DS888 (my name real 1st is Ian)

Ian Howie Mackenzie said...

namaste Chris and Ian :)

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