Tuesday, 20 March 2012

the time of tents is over

Occupy, in its mindset, is replaying the last breath of a revolutionary alternative to Capitalism from forty years ago... It is as if the children of the hippies and Maoists had taken to the streets to re-enact the dreams of their parents...

Power has now moved way from a centre, a head, a building, a location... People that are tied to a place are powerless...

All too easily Occupy has become two things: a thing that you LIKE on Facebook, and a personal self-improvement/endurance test in a tent. Neither of which have any effect on the flow of capital.

Capital does not occupy, it abandons, that is its threat and its power. To overthrow it we too must abandon, not occupy. We must abandon the non-places that Capital has colonised our countries with and invest in rebuilding real places once again. We must move our money to local credit unions, to local commodities and jobs; to circulation with local people. We must take what little we have and invest it in the places we inhabit and we must abandon their places, their malls and streets, their stores and banks. This is how we occupy. Not by pitching a tent on a piece of land and saying Here I am, count my number. But by silence, secrecy and abandonment.

The time of tents is over.

Ewan Morrison


Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother, I only see one solution. We must discover the true sense of oneness.

Money has no place in the society of enlightened beings. People laugh when I suggest a society without money is a viable alternative. Whence they get their head around the idea, they usually will say "What should be used instead of money?"

When making such a query, one is suggesting wealth must somehow be a product of skill, work hours or input of some equitable value. The gist of this concern is to ensure fairness and reciprocal value in an alternative market of trade.

Step away from the gun I say! We are shooting ourselves in the head when we insist upon fair value. The entire concept reeks of a society which anticipates there is not enough to go around.

There is a singular solution we can all rely upon. It is so simple it boggles the mind. We structure society in such a way that giving is cherished more than receiving.

In Lak'ech, brother Ian, nothing short of love...

Ian Howie Mackenzie said...

Well said Chris. I agree with you that "money has no place in the society of enlightened beings". There is much truth in the old cliche that "money is the root of all evil".

And yes: "structure society in such a way that giving is cherished more than receiving". The new paradigm way to exchange things is through making gifts, from the heart, with no expectation of return. Each one gives what they have to give, and there is plenty for everyone. We move from fearing scarcity towards a loving trust in abundance. It is just a question of perception and attitude. Once we know that we are all one - once we love each other as ourselves - all else will follow.

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