Tuesday, 24 April 2012

the new paradigm

We are now in a world of globalisation, with levelling forces such as the internet putting power back in the hands of the individual.

The old materialistic paradigm was based on power and control, on hierarchical structures, on suppression and manipulation.

The new paradigm is based on cooperation and collaboration, on sharing and community.

Spirituality is developing in the same way, away from the institutional and organisational setups, and towards individual spirituality.

We have to leave the organisations behind and do it for ourselves.

We can each get in touch with our own inner spirituality, and from this position of individual strength we can join together with our fellow beings (using the new global censorship-free communication tools), and build the new age world - a world of collaboration and cooperation, built from our core inner natures of selfless love, compassion, spiritual might, and peace.

The future is bright for those who seek the light.



Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ian, excellent post in a most timely fashion. I have been researching the Rothschild dominion of control for over a month and needed a little fresh air today.

In Lak'ech brother, prosper in truth live in love...

Ian Howie Mackenzie said...

thanks Chris for your feedback. In fact this is a repost of the first post I made on this blog, back in 2007. I intended to update it, but decided it still stood as it is. If I was to rewrite it now, I guess I would base it around the fear / love comparison, which you suggested, and which I think gets simply to the heart (sic) of the changes we are undergoing.



rmichaelfisher said...

Indeed good words, and I agree with much of this in general. The real devil is in the details of real change and development of a fear-based paradigm to a love-based paradigm, both individually and collectively. I have done research on use of "fear-based" and what I see as inadequate construction of its meaning. The article I just wrote on this is available in free pdf "The Problem of Defining the Concept of 'Fear-based.'" (go to http://csiie.org/mod/page/view.php?id=3 and scroll down for document). I invite us to have further dialogues on this to improve our effectiveness in bringing about the changes we want. Here is the Abstract to that technical paper:
Abstract: Over the past 25 years of systematic research on fear and fearlessness, the author has found an ever-increasing use of the term "fear-based" by many and diverse authors, teachers, professionals and citizens-at-large. Particularly in the last decade the term, much like "culture of fear," has become popular across disciplines and is reflective of an interest, by diverse peoples, in human motivation at this deepest core "emotional" level. Most every writer-critic, in a binary (polarized) way of thinking, believes (or argues) that "fear-based" is negative and destructive, if not the source of all conflict, evil, and pathology—it appears a universal knowledge and "truth" that this is so. Love-based is usually held up as the opposite (i.e., binary stance). Although the author (a fearologist) has also taken that binary positioning for many years, upon recent philosophical reflection and some research, this is less than a satisfactory position, especially without nuancing its validity more systematically and without having the critical dialogues required to ferret out what we are talking about. He concludes, typically, this increase of usage of the "fear-based" label, important as it is, has not been very enlightening but rather repetitive, moralistically judgmental and cliché, because of little to no conceptual defining, theoretical critiques, specific measurable assessments, or critical thinking of what to do with the term "fear-based" when it is opposed (for example) to "love-based" in real life situations, with real actors and organizations coming from either fear-based or love-based paradigms. The many (and increasing) critics of anything "fear-based" always implicitly or explicitly identify as not fear-based (i.e., more or less, love-based) and morally superior. Without more critical analysis of the concept and its uses, the author feels the labeling starts to become embedded in ideology, secular and religious, turning at worst into extreme violent ideologism—an oppressive way to think. This introductory paper, a philosophical reflection based on fearlessness (and a critical integral approach), offers an initial discussion of these problems of using the label "fear-based" and offers some recommendations of how to improve our methodologies, claims of truth, and teaching (i.e., education about, for example, fear and love as root motivational constructs).

-R. Michael Fisher, Ph.D.

deepian said...

Thanks for your input Michael. Yes it cannot be simply black and white. We are divine beings (love-based intuition) in animal bodies (fear-based instincts). If we allow our animal selves to rule then we allow fear to rule us (as is very prevalent in our society and "civilisation"), whilst if we allow our divine selves to rule, then our behaviour and decisions come from love and enlightened understanding. In reality we are not simply divine beings and nor are we simply animal bodies: we are a blend of both. For so long as we are incarnated in animal bodies, then we will always be influenced by our instincts and so will experience fear. But by nurturing our divine selves in preference to our animal (ego) selves, we can reach a consciousness where love triumphs over fear in any circumstance. We still experience the fear but we don't respond to it, instead flooding our consciousness with the light of divinity (i.e. love), and thus conquering and extinguishing the fear. Then our decisions come from love, compassion, and one-ness in general, rather than from the animal illusion of separateness and mortality.

Christopher Dos Santos said...

Namaste brother Ian, thank you for sharing your views this year. I value our friendship and look forward to following you in the new year. May your family enjoy a wonderful holiday season.

In Lak' ech, prosper with love... live with knowledge...

deepian said...

Thank you Chris for your kind words and good wishes - much appreciated.

I wish you and your family - and all who are turning to the light - the very best for the winter festival season, and for the coming new year.


DarkStar888 said...

Namaste brother Ian,

I see we can leave comments here on this blog but it doesn't appear that we can on your new blog? Also, is the only way to subscribe to your blog is though email? Take care my friend. Look forward to your posts and visits and comments. I have two blogs, Jeditheone and DarkStar.

Ian (DS888)

deepian said...

Hi Ian - yes, there are no comments on my new blog for now.. I may post key posts on here in future just so comments can be made.

There is an RSS feed at http://deepian.com/4031/latest.rss if you don't want to subscribe by email.

I will have a look at your blogs now. cheers

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